• 18/09/2012

    /The UK Bribery Act 2010 and how it can apply in Serbia

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    — A little more than thirteen months ago, the UK Bribery Act (the ‘Act’) came into force in the United Kingdom. The Act equips the UK courts with some of the most robust anti-bribery legislation in the world. It consolidated and brought up to date the old antiquated legislation and formalised the general offences of giving bribes or receiving bribes, introduced an offence of bribing foreign public officials, and an offence relating to commercial organisations which fail to prevent bribery committed on their behalf. more—
  • 21/06/2012

    /Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

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    — Sunday’s election results in Athens will probably ease fears of an imminent Greek exit from the euro, but despite this, the European Union, are still very much in the middle of their own crisis, which is threatening to engulf markets far more significant than those located in the former Yugoslav region. Accordingly issues such as European accession, despite the European official line, have invariably been relegated down the pecking order in Brussels.  more—PK