Karanovic & Nikolic’s employment team provides a complete service dealing with all aspects of the employment relationship, from recruitment to retirement, including cross border human resources and immigration issues. The firm offers proactive, pragmatic and commercial employment law advice to key businesses and organisations across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Their specialist lawyers are committed to providing value for money by adapting their service to their clients’ specific needs. With the passage of new laws, the sometimes conflicting decisions of the courts and the official opinions of the competent ministries, a flexible and open-minded approach enables the firm to develop a service in line with the changing and challenging environments in which their clients operate. The firm have a professional relationship with the relevant authorities and are at all times aware of the sensitive nature of employer-employee relationships and issues that clients face.


Ivana Karanović/Jelena Danilović/Marjan Poljak/Milena Jakšić Papac/Mirko Kovač

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