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The firm has been committed to voluntary work and pro bono advisory services to select charitable organisations since its foundation in 1995. It has served a number of international and local foundations and NGOs helping different sectors of the community- the disabled, the aged, children with special needs, refugees and Roma. The firm believes that it is important for all charitable organisations to carry out their work to the highest professional standards and we assist them to achieve this through careful legal advice.


Karanovic & Nikolic is a member of PILI*- the international network of law firms providing probono legal advice sent to it through a carefully vetted exchange.


In the interest of increasing transparency and professional standards within Foundations in Serbia, KN Partner Patricia Gannon initiated the creation of the Charity Forum- an informal network of leading charitable Foundations in the country. Designed to work together to develop standards, share best practice and work together on joint projects more effectively, this group of the leading foundations and support organisations promises to grow into a leading organisation in the sector.
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