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Legal Experts

"Thorough due diligence and knowledge of local legislation are a prerequisite for a successful NPL transaction."

Marko is an independent Attorney at Law admitted to the Slovenian Bar Association practicing in Slovenia and is a Partner in cooperation with Karanović & Nikolić. He is a highly experienced transaction lawyer with a wealth of experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and banking and finance. Marko has immense professional experience and niche expertise in privatisations, advising on the sale of non-performing loans and international financings.


Commercial Approach


Our integrated approach covers general commercial matters, including commercial contracts, public procurement, distribution, information technologies, promotion and advertising, as well as non-contractual matters such as consumer protection, data protection and e-commerce. Our knowledge of industry requirements and regional practices allows our advisors to tackle important issues at the initial stages of a deal right through to the negotiation stage and preparation of the final documents. We regularly advise on commercial agency, distribution and franchise agreements across jurisdictions.



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